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YUKEN Hydraulic
บริษัทฟลูอิดเพาเวอร์ เอ็นจิเนียริ่งจำกัด ได้รับการแต่งตั้งเป็นผู้แทนจำหน่าย อุปกรณ์ระบบไฮดรอลิคของ YUKEN จากประเทศญี่ปุ่น โดยมีสินค้าพร้อมจัดจำหน่าย หลากหลาย ได้แก่ ปั้มลูกสูบแบบปรับค่าได้ Variable Piston Pump ,ปั้มใบพัดทั้งชนิด Variable Vane Pump และ Fix Vane Pump ,วาล์วควบคุมแรงดัน Pressure control valve , วาล์วควบคุมความเร็วหรืออัตราการไหล Flow Control valve ,วาล์วควบคุมทิศทางการทำงาน Directional Control Valve และอื่นๆดังนี้
Piston Pump

Variable Displacement Piston Pumps Compact and Lightweight A compact design and an aluminum body ensures a high power to mass ratio. Low Noise. More info..

Variable Displacement Piston Pumps A variety of control methods are supported Available in a wide range of displacements from 10 to 219 cm3/rev (.610 to 13.36 cu. in. /rev) More info..

Variable Displacement Piston Pumps offer high pressure: 35 MPa Available in a wide range of displacements models are available in displacements ranging of 16 to 180cm3/rev More info..
Vane Pump
"PV2R" Series Single Vane Pumps These pumps are of high pressure and high performance, which have been developed especially for low noise operation. To comply with a variety of applications including injection moulding machines, PV2R series single pumps provide the output flow of such a wide range as from 5.8 to 237 cm3/rev (.354 to 14.46 The intergral driving parts of the pumps are combined into a kit form and available for supply as a cartridge kit. Therefore, the replacement of the driving parts can be done easily. More info..
Pressure control Valve

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Relief Valves : DG-01 ,DT-02, BG-06 ,BT-03 ,BSG-06 , BST-03
H/HC Type :HG-03 , HCT-06
Reducing & Check : RG-03 , RCG-06
Reducing & Relieving :RBG-03
Unloading : BUCG-06-H

Flow control Valve

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Flow Control & Check
Flow Control & Relief
Deceleration Valves
Feed Control Valves
Needle Valves

Directional control Valve

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DSHG, DHG & Manual Valves
G Series Shockless
Mechanically Operated
Poppet Type
Multi-Purpose Type
Solenoid Operated Poppet Type 2 Way
Shut-Off Type Solenoid Operated
In-Line Check Valves
Pilot Controlled Check/Decompression Type

Modular Valve

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005 Series
01 Series
03 Series
06 Series
10 Series

Proportional control Valve

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EH Series
E Series (Relief, Reducing & Relieving)
E Series Flow Controls
E Series Directional & Flow Controls
Power Amplifiers & Setting Adjustors


Hydraulic Cylinder

Yuken Hydraulic Cylinder


New Products

Pressure Switch JT Series
Low Watt Solenoid valve
LSVHG-03 Linear Servo valve
Spool Type table list
Spring offset solenoid valve
Variable vane pump VPVQ series
YF Pack

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